- I cut my hair SHORT, very, very short. And cute. If I do say so myself.

- Went to Peru for vacation. very fun.

- Also went to Iquitos. more fun.

- We all got sick at different stages in the vacation to make it more fun.

- Did 3 days of laundry and putting away of laundry from vacation.

- Am still tired. I don't know why.

- Am SO glad it's friday since i just worked 3 days in a row. very long days.

- I am hitting a new challenging point with Diego. They come and go and each time I get frustrated with myself.

- Loved that every minute of everyday on vacation was spent with my boys. I miss that now that I am back to work.

- can only think in short bullet pointed sentences right now.

(no subject)

I'm listening to Eddie telling the boys "once upon a time" stories in bed. Only these "once upon a time" stories include aliens, arth Vader, Luke Skywalker. No mention of princess Leia. I cannot imagine him telling a story like this to a girl, you know a real one with the proper princesses and all.

A sweet moment to be remembered.

could have been disaster

I was successful at baking/making cupcakes for the kids school valentine's parties tomorrow!!! Normally this ordeal starts with me having great ideas of some neat little treat to take, I bake it, it becomes a complete disaster and I throw it all in the trash, then get up extra early to stop at the grocery store on the way to school to bring a way better store bought treat. I've done AT LEAST four times now over the past few years. This year I did good. I BOUGHT cake mix, made it, made teeny tiny chocolate chip cupcakes, end of story. No fancy icing because I'm not allowed to bring icing (in other words the icing is usually the disastrous part). They hate icing and I can totally understand why. Anyways, the kids made their valentine cards, cupcakes made, laundry going , homework done, all is well in this house tonight. Oh and I ate about 10 miniature cupcakes, you know to make sure they didn't totally SUCK.


We had Diego's parent/teacher conference today. With his first REAL teacher since the teacher issues. She is still cold, and just hard to figure out. She had wonderful things to say about Diego which I knew she would because he just is a dreamy kid when he isn't home with me. He just likes to push my buttons and push me to the edge of me losing my patience. So he is at a 1st grade level for reading, but gets distracted easily by other kids being silly around him. He is really good at math, he loves numbers and math concepts. He just gets it. thankfully so, because I suck at math, so he got some math genes from Eddie. whew. He needs help with writing. He also need some more work with vowel sounds, long and short. He is OK, just not great.

He showed me around his classroom and his favorite centers, and did some of them with me, and I almost cried watching how smart and independent and how out in the big world he is without me. Good thing Eddie didn't go, he would have been a sobbing mess.

I didn't get to address some of the social issues he has with some of the other boys. I need to schedule a meeting with her especially for that when Diego isn't there to hear it. I did say a few things that he isn't quite sure yet how to stand up for himself to the other boys all the time and is working on it. I mostly wanted to hear her observations of what is really going on there.

i also asked for him to get a speech screening. After calling the lady twice and not getting a call back, I went down to the office and spoke to her in person.

We went to the Punahou Carnival. I can't believe I did that, It was such a nightmare. Truly a nightmare, very crowded, hot, and expensive. I dropped 50 $$ in 2 hours. On silly rides. I have never gone specifically for this reason, I don't DO crowds well, I am so paranoid that I'm going to lose a kid. But I did and NEVER AGAIN. At least I can say I did it once and tried it out, but waste of time, waste of money, we should have gone to the beach. Or Disney World!!!


I seem to be learning slowly the concept of when my kids hurt, I hurt worse. Or maybe it is just that this is something Mom's will always feel, its just how we deal with it. I want to do anything to make them feel better, even when they don't know why they are upset, I want to make it better. I DO realize though that it IS my job to teach them how to deal with it, and this is what I do. mostly. or sometimes. or depends on what the situation is.

I just don't like to see them let down by something/people/life. All I'm sayin' really is that I think I do the right thing most of the time, I just ALWAYS have a hurt deeper than they will know until they are parents.

Ah life. I am so blessed with two spectacular kids, they truly are a dream.


I'm back to having a serious dilemna with Diego's school. It all started out with the lack of a steady, real teacher for 5 months. they got a new one, she started in January when they went back to school, she is the daughter of the principal. I decided a steady teacher who was the principal's daughter was better than constant change of sub's so I gave her a chance. The impression I've gotten from her is that she is very COLD. I thought she was just maybe cold to parents and if she was NOT to the kids than that was ok. Turns out she's cold to the kids too. Like Diego says he is scared to ask her for help if he doesn't understand something.

I'm totally bummed. I don't really want to switch him now, but I do. I don't because he may run into the same trouble somewhere else, worse even maybe. Plus I don't like to bail on difficult situations, I like to make it better if I can first. So, I plan on meeting with the teacher sometime in the next week, so talk about what is going on, if in fact he is asking her for help and she is blowing him off. Also there are some pretty nasty bully's in his class and he has said he doesn't like to have to be around them all day.

I knew this was going to happen, I just wasn't ready for it, for my baby to have to go through this. He is such a good kid, I'm so happy with the way he has handled all the bullying and teacher stuff. He is such a responsible kid, and always does the right thing at school, when we are home??? different story, much different.

I've told him about 20 times now to "EAT YOUR DINNER".


I have committed myself to:

be thankful everyday for something, anything, but remember to be thankful

hug and kiss my little boys as much as they will let me.

snuggle with the little ones.

read more books to the little ones.

laugh everyday

take a nap every once in awhile, or as often as I get the opportunity to. I love naps.

surf more.

run more.

worry less about exercising and just do it for fun.

eat better.

feed my kids better food.

take my vitamins, give my kids their vitamins ( I ALWAYS forget this).

spend less time on the computer and more time reading books.

listen more.

be patient.

remember this list and refer to it often.

a start

So, I'm not so sure where to start, and this will probably be all over the place, but I really need to get better at this and a jumbled start is better than no start so here it goes......

Christmas vacation in florida was wonderful, great, splendid, everything nice. the boys were super easy and nice to travel with, they were excited about it and I even found myself reading my own magazine on the airplane. that hasn't happened in oh..... EONS. Hanging with family was great, the kids loved it, Cho & Tami and kids arrived a few days after Christmas and we did Christmas all over with them. This is a good concept, Christmas just goes on and on, the kids were a fan. Diego learned to ride his bike without training wheels, got really confident on his bike. He lost his first tooth, (front bottom-for future mind blanks). Noah got some weird rashes and bites and what I think may have been impetigo. I got strep throat, took a trip to a urgent care that was so incredibly weird that I have no words to describe, I walked out after an hour and a half without antibiotics. I was saved my a nice Dr at my work who called in antibiotics for me.

Christmas- the kids were ecstatic that Santa found them in Florida and delivered their presents there. Noah was all about Wall E, Diego all about Bakugan and Transformers. Then we Netflixed a Star Wars movie, and now they are STAR WARS- light sabers are flying about the house knocking over things, occasionally hitting me square in the nose.

The kids didn't even speak to me for about 5 or 6 days while their cousins were at Nana & Pop-Pop's house. they were thrilled to be playing ALL DAY LONG. We did a lot of beaching, swimming in the pool, bike riding, canoeing, diego braved the tube. New year's eve we went down to the beach for fireworks, we did some sparklers and watched the big fireworks, we all just about froze to death, but had a good time in the end.

We are slowly getting back into our routine and schedule here. Diego starts school next week, Noah too. I start working tomorrow, I got an extra day off today. We are slightly off time zone and waking up at 3 am, today 6 am.

I have yet to write down some New Year's resolutions, but have thought of them, and will eventually write them down. One of them is STOP MAKING LISTS, I just lose them and don't usually accomplish them all. Yes, I am keeping my expectations of myself somewhat LOW, at first this seemed kinda bad to me, but hey it is something I can DO and LIVE WITH. I DO however have some expectations of myself that ARE high, or just somewhat high, something I can accomplish.

I hope this all makes sense beyond today, this moment when my mind is all over the place and in a time zone 5 hours ahead and still in vacation mode.

this is all I have

I haven't posted in oh, MONTHS and the best I can come up with is.....

DIEGO HAS HIS FIRST LOOSE TOOTH!!!! How exciting right??? Well it's ok, but to him it is the the most exciting thing. More exciting than the fact that we are leaving for a real Christmas vacation in 9 days. Or more exciting than, well nothing is really beating it right now.

Things have been good though, Diego is LOVING school now, he has had a whirlwind or substitute teachers, but he could care less he loves his friends there, he says he wants to go to school forever with them. Sure we've had some issues with a kindergarten bully, but it appears that has been handled by Diego who got tired of this kid hurting him daily and he punched him in the stomach. Yup, we told him to do it, we are good parents that way, and the school basically sucks that they still after 5 months haven't dealt with it. moving on.

We/ I kinda went half heartedly at the Christmas decoration 'round here since we are leaving the 17th and all, and was about to do NOTHING. BUT... the kids saw some house with a Christmas tree in it, and well, now we have a little, fake one up in the living room. We are also doing our usual traditions... Candy Cane Train, Honolulu City Lights/Hale, Gingerbread House making, and general good feelings around here. We started a new one, and Advent Calendar, made by us, everyday opening up a little stocking with a memory or treat in it. Diego also made a chain one at school he cuts off everyday, they love it, I think we'll keep that tradition for awhile. The Handprints too(for the Christmas skirt in case I forget some year). We are saving Christmas cookie making for nana and pop pops house though, so we can all get in on that fun, and someone else will be around to eat them and clean up the mess!!!

that's all I can do

sweetness and extreme laziness

First the cuteness: While having a 104 degree fever last night, Noah said to me: Mommy, I just really, really Like you. Yes, I really, really Like you too. I'm pretty sure he has an ear infection (oh yes, again) his ears are really, really red inside and he is complaining about them hurting. The Dr.'s office is also conveniently closed today.

It is 1:30 PM and I am still in my PJ's. I think the last time this happened I was like 9 months pregnant with Diego. I am in such a lazy mood, and it doesn't help that Noah kept me up all night with his sweetness and on fire fevers.

I have accomplished 2 loads of laundry, eating some icing off the chocolate cake that sits in the fridge eyeing me up with every opening, backed up the computer. accomplished.